SmartCats StayHome - Cat Fences For Cat Lovers

SmartCats StayHome - Cat Fences For Cat Lovers

We love our cats and we really enjoy being able to provide the solution that people have spent years searching for, an effective cat fence that easliy attaches to existing fences.

SmartCats StayHome electronic cat proof fence is widely used throughout Australia and New Zealand and we ship all over the world.

REVIEW: I have been on my own for sometime now and I spend a lot of time at home in the garden which I enjoy but it can get lonely. After I lost my husband my two closest companions have been my two cats Rascal and Nuggat, I often stop what I am doing and just watch them play. Rascal is a lovely cat but he has a tendancy to roam the neighbourhood. A friend suggested your SmartCats Fence to keep Nuggat from roaming and it works. I am sure it has saved his life because the roads are very busy where I live.K Poulsen (Queensland, Australia)

Busy roads and busy people are the same the world over and our cats are the best companions many of us will ever know.

So Easy To Install Anyone Can Do It

Anyone can install the SmartCats StayHome fence, attaches to your existing fence quickly and easily. You don’t even have to have any special tools. Everything you need, including step-by-step instructions is in the pack. If you have gates, no problem. Easy to follow diagrams show you how to install the StayHome fence above different types of gates, including single and double gates. 

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Smart Cats Cat Fence

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