Birman Breed Information

Birman Breed Information

The Birman cat which is also know as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is an ancient breed that is endowed by legends of departed priests returning to earth in the form of these unique cats. The sparkling white feet are said to be a sign of the purity of their souls.

They are delightful and enchanting cats to own, both in appearance and personality. They have the distinctive pointed coat pattern of the Siamese but with uniquely contrasting white feet. They come in many colours, and even patterned points, e.g Tabbypoint.


Their semi-longhaired coat is of a silky texture that does not matt but they still require some grooming, although not as often as a Persian or other longhaired cat.


They are a medium sized cat, that is a little longer in the body and tail and less stocky than the Persian. The sapphire blue eyes of the Birman, rounded ears, roman nose, rounded muzzle and sweet expression, all add to the Birman's appeal.


The Birman is an intelligent breed, more active than the Persian but not as demanding or noisy as the Siamese or Burmese. They communicate with their owners, by making different sounds for different reasons and an astute owner can soon learn the different meanings and answer appropriately. They form very close bonds with their owners. They also love to play. They make ideal pets, and are excellent with children and other animals.


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