Exotic Shorthair Breed Information

Exotic Shorthair Breed Information

The Exotic Shorthair cat is basically a Persian cat with a short, thick and plush coat. They are often referred to as the lazy mans Persian or Teddy Bear cat.

They combine most of the charming features of the Persian with the short easy care coat of a short-haired cat. They have the same boxy build, large head and eyes, small ears and nose, large chubby cheeks and sweet expressions, as the Persian.

Some would say Exotics are full of character, both in appearance and in temperament. They are generally quiet, affectionate cats that form strong bonds with their owners and are playful but not demanding.

It is common practise to breed Exotics to Persians, to keep the Persian type and this results in varying combinations of long and short-hairs in each litter. The Exotic coat is better suited to owners with limited time and to outdoor living.

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