Persian Breed Information

Persian Breed Information

Persian cats are an ancient, breed that has been admired for centuries. Their luxurious, long, flowing silk coats and proud expressions, give you the impression they should be sitting on a bed of velvet.

They are medium to large in size and have cobby bodies. Their large heads have small rounded ears, short noses with a stop between the eyes, their cheeks large and round, with a sweet expression. The tail length should be in proportion to the body.

They have a docile and placid nature and form close bonds with their owners. They will usually sit happily on your lap, purring away while being groomed. Their easy going nature doesn't mean they aren't playful, they can be sitting around looking photogenic one minute and springing onto a pretend mouse the next. When they talk to you it is usually quiet and undemanding.

Persians make excellent show cats. They are usually happy to sit in a cage and be admired and don't resist being handled by judges. Blacks and whites are very popular in the show ring at the moment but must be shown in perfect condition and with perfect grooming, to achieve the highest awards. The time spent in preparation can be very rewarding. Persians come in numerous colours and patterns, too many to list.

Persians are happy to be kept indoors and watch the world go by from a sunny window sill or sleep in a corner until you come home. Because they have poor outside survival skills, it is highly recommended that they are kept indoors at all times, or in safe outdoor runs.

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