Sherae Kennels - Pet Transport - Ph 08 9455 1249

Sherae Kennels - Pet Transport - Ph 08 9455 1249

We transport cats, dogs, rabbits, all pets of all shapes and sizes :)

Our experience in the pet transport industry dates back from us sending our first babies off to their new homes in 1975 till today, where we send clients pets to all points of the globe nearly every day of the week.

Sherae Petlink is the answer to your pet travel needs. Sherae Petlink handle all aspects of your pet's travel and we deal with all sorts of animals, from the small to the large and the weird to the wonderful!

Fluffy, furry, feathered, finned, floating or fancy family member will be in excellent hands and cared for by caring and friendly staff. We are all true animal lovers.

Sherae Petlink is:

  • A member of Australian and International pet transport networks
  • A regulated agent of DOTARS
  • Has been established since 1975.
  • Sherae – Petlink is a registered member of IPATA