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RagDolls Oz Ragdolls - registered breeder with FCCV

RagDolls Oz Ragdolls - registered breeder with FCCV

The purebred Ragdoll cat is bred for its docile, affectionate nature.  If you want a loving pet, you will want to have your own Ragdoll cat.  My Ragdoll kittens, bred under my RagDolls Oz prefix (registered breeder with FCCV), are certainly no exception.  I am an avid hobby breeder and take great pride in breeding the finest quality Ragdoll kittens in seal, blue, blue lynx and mitted.  I breed Ragdoll cats as a hobby because I love the breed, which means I can and do give the kittens the attention that they deserve.  The positive feedback I receive from buyers is heartwarming, giving me the knowledge that I am a breeder of high quality Ragdolls.  I have been breeding Ragdolls for many years, and in that time have established clients both nationally and internationally. 

Persons interesting in having this beautiful animal as part of their life can contact Russell via the email form below or by phone on 0412862362. Please visit my website link below to see more of this beautiful breed.


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