Cat breeds information and history of breeds

Cat breeds information including: Abyssinian, Birman, Exotic Shorthair, Persian, Ragdoll and Siberian.  

  • Abyssinian Breed Information
    Abyssinians are one of the oldest breeds and they are possibly the closest to a natural breed of all the purebred cats in the world.
  • Ragdoll Breed Information: Trumagik Ragdolls
    The Ragdoll is a large, semi-longhaired cat, with gorgeous blue eyes. As the name suggests they are a floppy cat that loves a cuddle and 'flop - go limp' when you pick them up. Their coat is said to be non-matting, rabbit like but if you disregard it
  • Exotic Shorthair Breed Information
    The Exotic Shorthair cat is basically a Persian cat with a short, thick and plush coat. They are often referred to as the lazy mans Persian or Teddy Bear cat. They combine most of the charming features of the Persian with the short easy care coat of
  • Persian Breed Information
    Persian cats are an ancient, breed that has been admired for centuries. Their luxurious, long, flowing silk coats and proud expressions, give you the impression they should be sitting on a bed of velvet. They are medium to large in size and have co
  • Birman Breed Information
    The Birman cat which is also know as the Sacred Cat of Burma, is an ancient breed that is endowed by legends of departed priests returning to earth in the form of these unique cats. The sparkling white feet are said to be a sign of the purity of thei
  • Elle and Barb at Catsville Boarding Cattery
    Thanks Tracey for this picture. Elle and Barb look like they have warm and cosy beds to relax on. There are more great cat pix and information on Catsville (Healesville VIC 3777) at the link below.
  • Siberian Breed Information
    With a history dating back hundreds of years, it is surprisingly only in recent times that Siberian cats have become known outside Russia. As with so many natural breeds, these cats were not initially regarded as noteworthy, despite featuring in Russian fairy tales and appearing in recorded history around the year 1000.
  • Harry at Catsville Boarding Cattery
    Harry pawwwsses for a moment. There are more great cat pix and information on Catsville (Healesville VIC 3777) at the link below.
  • Timmy at Catsville Boarding Cattery
    Timmy is a puuurfect looking puss! There are more great cat pix and information on Catsville (Healesville VIC 3777) at the link below.

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